Dark Horizons V2.04 for BGT/Tutu has been released. This version includes many fixes and some changes with some of the content.


Work on the next release of Dark Horizons is getting close to being finished. Below are some of the changes or additions for the next release.

A taste of things to come:

An actual dragon will be an optional install. This would replace the wyvern "dragon" that comes default with the mod. You will want to think about this before you select this option, this dragon is on par with those you find in Baldur's Gate 2 after all. This option is only for those who like challenges.
There will also be a couple of new encounters, mostly in the wilderness areas to give the game more life.
What may or may not come with the new version are the four new joinable NPCs.


Did an update to the screenshot section of the website to include images of new content that the old screenshots didn't show.


Happy 2010! Dark Horizons 2.03 has been released today. This includes a new Italian translation, a couple of fixes and changes to some of the items of the mod.


Version 2.00 of Dark Horizons has been released. Now its ready for that great conversion mod known as Tutu. This will most likely be the last update for the vanilla BG version of the mod. You can do so much more with BGT and Tutu since it uses the BG2 engine.


Version 2.00 of Dark Horizons is getting close to being released. It includes a few bug fixes and additional content. One major change is it will work with Tutu now.


Version 1.02 of Dark Horizons has been released. It includes a few bug fixes and a couple of updates.


Dark Horizons BGT (Baldur's Gate Trilogy) version has been released thanks to the help of White Agnus. The BGT version also includes being traified, which means it makes it easier for the mod translators to translate it.


Dark Horizons has now been released after seven years of working on it. Go get it from our download page.


The Dark Horizons website has arisen from tha ashes thanks to Archive.org. If I was a multi-millionaire I would donate a million dollars to them. The design has been altered slightly from the original but basically still has the same look and feel.


Updated the screenshot, creature, npc, encounters and credit sections. Now we have a fully functional web site. Now to get a fully functional mod. ;)


Updated the screenshot section. Resumed work on the mod after several weeks of not working on it. College bites.


Looks like its been a while since an update to the site has happened. I updated the npc, story and item links. Work is getting close to a finish, by that I mean its getting close to a BETA stage.


Started work on Dark Horizon's web site. Added a few things here and there. More to follow soon!


Released some information on the mod at the CoM forums. Work is going very good on it so far.

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