Listed below are some of the encounters you will find in Dark Horizons. Some of them may be spoilerish and if you do not want to be spoiled read no further. Those with a * next to them are not in the current version of the mod. They were part of the original ideas of the mod and may be put in in a future version.

Druid Encounters in Cloakwood

You will find those xenophobic druids in the game but mostly in Cloakwood Forest. Some of them just don't want you there and will see to it that you never leave alive. But not all of them are hostile and depending on your dialogue choices you may live.

Miranda and Friends

Miranda and her friends are found in AR1600. This Shadow Druid doesn't like trespassers, especially you.

Wendell and Friends

Wendell and his friends are found in AR1800. He heard you killed his lover Miranda, there's no way this will end nicely.


A crazy ranger, Kieran, has a wyvern fetish. He can sell you things, that is if you don't make him hostile. He'll send his pets after you if you get on his wrong side. It would be best to be friends with him since he will open a store for you after you talk to him the first time. He is found in AR1700.

Expanded Ulcaster Ruins

This adds two more dungeon levels to the Ulcaster ruins. This is for a high level party considering that there are five ghost mages who protect this. The rewards will reflect this.

Durlag's Tower Encounters

Well lots not give anything away shall we? Find out on your own.

Bounty Hunters

For some odd reason there are a lot of people looking for you and your party and its not because they want your autograph either.

Gullykin Quest

A halfling has lost his precious ring and wishes you to go find it for him. He is located in Gullykin and the thieves are not too far away.

Dragon Quest

Some druids who need your help to rid a nasty dragon in their grove. Selene is the leader of this faction of druids and she would really appreciate your help. This takes place in AR2100. This is of course hard. Save before you do this.

Diamond Quest

Adds another Fed Ex quest to the game. This in in the city of Baldur's Gate (AR0700). Sir Winton needs a diamond for his wedding anniversary to his wife, which he forgot. Quincy (AR0705) has a diamond but Winton can't buy it from him because the store clerk happens to be his brother in law. He would tell on Winton. Your job is to buy it for him.

Book Quest

Halabasher Dhunshar is looking for a book called "The Recipes and Ruminations of One Dradeel of Tethir". Get it for him and he will reward you for it. He can be found outside of Ulgoths Beard.


Last but not least Section. This ultra elite group wants you and your friends dead. Has someone hired them or do they have their own agenda? It seems they have connections every where and people to help them, willingly or not. You are their number one target and they will not stop until you are dead. But even if you destroy them it does not mean you won. ;)

Hobbin's Quest *

When you travel to Baldur's Gate and find his uncle, he will have a quest for you to recover his stolen book. His old uncle may be a bit eccentric but he does put a high price on his recovered book and you may recieve a just reward for its recovery. Find these nasty thieves and recover his Red Book.

Officer Annah Rice's Quest *

Well since you are in Baldur's Gate Officer Rice has a quest for you to take. There seems to be some strange things happening at night time that involve missing people. She wants you to help her solve this mystery.

Elf Encounter *

Seems like even the Elves of Evermeet are involved in the Bhaal spawn hunt. They would rather not be involved with you but it seems the long arm of Section even extends out there. Depending on how "good" you are, you may avoid unnecessary bloodshed. Yours that is.