Q: What is this mod compatable with?
A: You must have Baldur's Gate 1 with Tales of the Sword Coast with the latest American patch (BGTalesDX8English) Thats the patch I have on mine, any others I do not know if they will work. Also there will be a version for TeamBG's Darkside of the Sword Coast version 1.03b (Our Version) also.
Q: What do I need to use this MOD?
A: Dark Horizons requires Baldur's Gate with Tales of the Sword Coast and the latest Bioware/Interplay patches. If you have the 3 CD "Original Saga" you do not need the latest patch since that comes with the latest patch already. We also strongly encourage the installation of the Baldurdash Fixpack.
Q: Do I have to start a new game?
A: In order to explore any new areas or find new treasure its always a good idea to start a new game.
Q: Is this mod quest or NPC mod?
A: Originally it was both but at the first release its just a quest & encounters mod. The three new NPCs will be brought in at a later version of this mod.
Q: So there are a lot of new encounters and quests?
A: There are many encounters in Dark Horizons. They range from cut throat assassins to crazy druids. But not all encounters are hostile, some of them may be beneficial to you if you help them out. There are minor quests and the main quest that will lead you to those who are responsible for sending these assassins after you.
Q: What is this Harder Enemies component?
A: This gives a few selected enemies in the game a boost in stats and/or some of the new items this mod has.