There will be 4 joinable NPCs in Dark Horizons. Their stats and bios are listed below.

Hobbin Lightfoot

Swashbuckler (Thief)
STR 12
CON 14
DEX 18
INT 10
WIS 10
CHR 15


When asked about his past, HOBBIN hails from Gullykin and is sick of the simple plain life he has there. When you meet him he asks the party if he can join them in their adventure. Ever since he was a child, he has was always fascinated by the stories he heard about his Uncle and his adventures. By nature the halflings of Gullykin are not adventurous but simple farmers who would rather stay home and enjoy their simple lives. Hobbin is young and eager and ready for adventure. He would like to visit the famous Durlag's Tower and would like to visit Baldur's Gate since that's where he last heard his Uncle was at.

Morwen Alanadel

STR 14
CON 12
DEX 18
INT 16
WIS 09
CHR 12


When asked about her past, Morwen says she comes from a well to do family that lives in Neverwinter. Being an adventurous person, she quickly grew bored of the uneventful Neverwinter high life and decided to travel south to the Sword Coast region after she heard about the iron crisis. She travels to Beregost to find someone who is seeking adventure like herself.

Thorin Stoneblade

STR 18/94
CON 19
DEX 16
INT 11
WIS 10
CHR 13


When asked about his past, THORIN says he's from the famous Stoneblade clan who were once Durlag's captian of the guard for many years. His grandfather was the last to serve Durlag before bad things happen to Durlag and his people. He would like to travel with the party to Durlag's Tower to retrieve some family heirlooms that may still be there and see what happened to his grandfather and the famous Durlag Trollkiller.

Iraeshalee Auvryndar

Elf (Drow)
STR 15
CON 12
DEX 19
INT 17
WIS 09
CHR 10


When asked about her past, Iraeshalee Auvrynder says she was born and raised on the surface by drow parents who were followers of Eilistraee and that she originally hails from Waterdeep. She does not mention too much about her past, but says she lost her parents when she was young after they engaged a drow war party on the surface. She said she was taken in by a group of helpful people who took care of her and made her the person she is today.